Snowy Session!

I had a great time out yesterday on a beautiful winters day.
We’ve had a very cold winter.

We’ve been planning this session since it was won months ago! This session was one of many free simple sessions I donated of the winter to different silent auctions in our area. I was very happy to honour it yesterday!


Spring is here!

Spring is here!
A fresh start….

My blog has been little more than a price list reference page since August of last year.
Not for lack of work though!
I had a great year as a photographer.
I won’t try to catch up the blog with images from last year. You can find many previews from last year on my facebook page.

What’s happening right now?
Well, I am preparing for some Easter Mini’s!
easter ad

Call or email me to book your child’s session today!

Two of a Kind!

I worked with this lovely lady when she was but a girl.
At the time I worked night shift.
At 11pm I’d start and she’d just be leaving. We’d chat for a couple of minutes, and she’d be off.
at 7am, she’d be back again.
This girl worked A LOT!

She is a hard worker,
but she wasn’t working as many hours as I first suspected.
She has a twin.
There is two of them!! :)

And now she’s a lovely Mommy to two identical boys :)

The boys are nearly two.
Twins….. thank God we are blessed with two arms!

Family Fun!

We had a wild afternoon on the golf course!
We were attacked by skitters…. 1000’s of them.

The eldest son is 4 years old.
He promised Mom he’d smile nice for his pictures.
He totally did!

These folks are repeat customers. I love it when they come back time and time again :)
It was great to see you again!

Welcome Baby Kerr!

A new baby girl is in born.
She is eleven days old on her mothers delivery due date.
She is oh so sweet.
Tiny little fingers,
tiny little toes,
a full head of thick dark hair,
tiny little lips,
cutest little nose…..
These first days, these teeny tiny babies,
they don’t stay this way for long.



I love newborn baby pictures outside.

Welcome to the world little one!

Biker Baby!

I babysit the cutest little munchkin!

I had the chance to photograph her and her family last weekend.
She was so excited on the Harley :)



One year old babies can be busy!!
We posed the little family of three together for a family shot,
baby girl had other ideas..
and they were good ones,
made for a great picture!

100th Fan!

I met Heather and her eldest son, about 5 years ago.
Our babies were born,
and we were apart of an infant program, hosted by Early Years of PCFK


We were both new to motherhood,
bonded as friends,
and have been in touch ever since!
I love that.

We both have three children,
but her’s came a bit quicker than mine did.
She has 3 year old twin boys!!

Quite awhile ago,
during some early promotional stuff for my photography business,
I offered a free session to the 100th fan of my photography page on Facebook.
Heather was that lovely 100th person :)
It’s a wee bit overdue,
with family, work, distance, schedules…. life..
we didn’t link up our schedules.
That is until today!

It was great to see her and her family again.
Her boys are such cuties.. and the twins, I couldn’t tell apart!



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