I really enjoy watching drawing videos. I have a few favourite artists that post drawing videos regularly, and I watch faithfully.

It is quite mesmerizing to watch someone draw. All videos are sped up, to watch the long process of creating art in only a few short minutes.

I have been asked about how I draw many times.
The answer is simple.
I set up some guidelines, in pencil, then bein with my pen.
I just free hand the ink. I never know how it will turn out in the end. I don’t see the finish product in my head before I draw. It creates itself.

The drawing is created at my desk. I have had my desk since I was a very young girl… you will have to ask my mom how old exactly. I am going to guess around 6 years old.
I loved office, paper and pens since way back then…. 30-something-and-a-bit years ago. My desk is still in great shape.. a couple scratches and one drawer was fixed once.
I have thought to get a new desk several times over the years, but this old thing has sentimental value to me now.

It was challenging to draw without moving the paper around. That will take some getting used to. And because I was recording I was very nervous!

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Mom said

I was in the shower when I heard the girls bickering.
There was a lot of
That’s mine!
No, I want it!
Give it back!
Stop it!
You are going to wreck it!

So I called the little one in to see me.
She was doing most of the screaming.

I asked her why they were fighting, and she explained.
It was over pencil crayons.
My… pencil crayons.

Anyway, I told her that she had to work out sharing with her sister, but I do not like all the screaming. I remind her that screaming is not talking, and we do not scream in the house.
She agrees, and returns to her sister where she promptly states,

“Mom says you have to give me the pencil crayons”



I have been torn with how to select the winners from my latest colouring contestest.
Mostly because colouring as a relaxing exercise should have no pressures on it to do well, or to be the best. It is about repetative motion, calming and relaxing the mind with simple excercises.

So with that thought, I decided to just pick the winning name from a hat!

Drum roll…..

Sarah Royakkers and Stacy Pfeifer

Sarah, you win a Jamberry Nail Set!  and Stacy you win one of my books!

Thank you both for participating🙂



Hi Everyone!

Last week, my colouring book was featured in a youtube video!

The Good Diehls have their own Youtube channel, and I worked with them to get something of a promotional product out there.

They were going to feature my newest Zen-Colour Colouring Book and I was to offer any colouring for meditation and relaxation insight I could offer.

As well I created a free colouring page for their channel and followers.
You can find that freebie on their website

So we chatted,
I drew,
and I left it in their creative hands to produce something visually interesting…..
and WOW!!

The video turned out amazing!
I love how they featured it, the video angles the chose, the music, their insights… it is all amazing.

Go check it out HERE


Happy Colouring!  Say hi in the comments🙂


It is March!  If you are here you get a freebie!

St Patricks day is almost here.
What do you do to celebrate?
Our local communities go wild with green festivities. They call it Paddyfest.
It might be the largest St Patricks day celebration in all the land…

Our area is not populated by a large Irish population.
There are only a few red heads, and probably even fewer leprechauns.
Lucky for our community, you do not need to be Irish to enjoy a pint of green beer!

We tried turning our drink and food green last year.
It didn’t go over very well…admittedly green potatoes was a bad choice.

In honour of the day, I made a lucky 4 leaf clover colouring page!

Here you can download the PDF CLOVER FREEBIE

More Colouring pages can be found at my EtsyShop
Image (46).jpg

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Colouring!!

Rainbow Craft

We made a simple rainbow craft.
Since the kids are getting older, my only help was to draw the lines on the page for a rainbow reference.

They applied the glue along the line, cut up the strips of paper, sorted the colours, and knew which order to put them in the rainbow by singing the rainbow song.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green followed by Blue…


I do love art at home.


Black and White

I adjusted my artwork techniques to create illustrations to colour.
I leave more white space on a colouring page, than I would if creating my own art piece. That is what makes it a colouring page.

It is not yet finished, it needs someone to add the pizzazz!
Here is a colouring page I created

Image (44)

I wanted to show the effect of blocking in with black ink.
You do not have to use colour.
In fact, some of my favourite illustrations are black and white alone!
I inked in some sections of the colouring page using only black.

Image (45)crop

Monochromatic art can be just as beautiful!

This colouring page and others can be found at my Etsy Shop.

Happy colouring.. no matter how many colours you might use!